Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Behold! The World's First Robot DJ

Today, Wednesday, GeorgyGirl welcomes a new innovation in radio - a robot DJ! Yes, Marion the Librarian spins the finest vintage production library soundtrack music at 3pm EST. Apart from Marion's hilarious jabber, you'll dig the cool, crazy, kooky tuneage. Only, and I mean ONLY on Sheena's Jungle Room.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Don-O's Lounge Ad of the Week: The Sands and Caesars

Two joints in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

"Say baby, why don't you come out to see my show? I'm playing at the Sands. Yeah, then I got a gig at Caesars...Well, no, not exactly the ones in Vegas...Ah c'mon darlin', don't be like that. This Caesars is on Pacific Coast Highway! Man, you gotta dig that ocean view!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

TWO New Shows: "High Waisted Modernists" and "Medium Cool"

And the veritable avalanche of new shows keeps comin! Tomorrow (Wednesday), following "The World's Worst Records," DJ GeorgyGirl debuts her OTHER show (she of Friday's '60s nugget-fest "The Flange and Frigate"), "High Waisted Modernists." It's a groovy trip thru mostly '60s lounge soundtrack/library instrumentals + spoken word/dialogue bits. 3pm-4pm Eastern time.

And that's followed by "Medium Cool,'" hosted by long-time Portland-area radio legend Martinibomb. Check out his cool loungy sound-collage beatz! Some of which can be heard in the Jungle Room stream. Wed., 4-5pm EST. It's called Hump-Day, so let's get a-humpin'!  

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Lounge Ad of the Week: The Aloha

According to The Aloha Club was a burlesque tiki bar on Third Avenue’s sailor’s row, under management of Gaspare ‘Jasper’ Matranga. Jasper hailed from Sicily, as did his brother and cousins. He was the enforcer for the Matranga family, allegedly a hitman in the Los Angeles mob. His family moved in and started taking over downtown bars in the late 1940s. Along with their other clubs next door The Cuckoo Club and the Club Royal, The Aloha Club stayed open until 2am nightly. It featured music Billy Jones and his Beachcombers, a five-piece combo, with sultry burlesque acts of Dorothy Eddy,Vivian Lee, Joy Damon‘in the flesh!’ And B-Girls galore – waitresses who mingled with the sailors, enticing them to gamble, buy more drinks, and God knows what else. The city passed an ordinance outlawing the practice, giving San Diego Vice one more excuse to raid the bars. 

 In 1954, Matranga was arrested for felony assault against one of his patrons. During an argument, he hit Alvero Gonsalves in the face with a bar glass. The fisherman required 21 stitches, and courageously pressed charges. Matranga spent a week in jail, after which a friendly judge saw the altercation as merely a misdemeanor, and let him off with a $1000 fine, giving Jasper permission to go back home to Sicily for ‘a long-planned’ vacation."

Quite a joint, eh? Since the goons were sent packing, we can enjoy our imaginary night at The Aloha in peace, with Sheena's Jungle Room providing the soundtrack. Mai Tais all around!

Friday, November 30, 2018


Yet another new show hits the Jungle Room: this Monday 2pm EST marks the debut of 'Record Roulette Club,' hosted by a guy who is actually named DJ! Clearly, Daniel J. Henry was born to jockey them disks. And what might one expect in this hour of power? "Kind of like taking your parents record collection and getting drunk in a Radio Shack. Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Garage Punk, Regular Punk and Old-Fashioned Weirdos. Hopefully you have the patience for this fast-paced sonic impatience. Not recommended for the fan of 4 minute songs."

Conveniently working within this channel's sound-collage aesthetic, Henry throws in all manner of groovy sound bites in between songs. 

Today's nerdy, uptight, sexless society would have you believe that rock (among other things) is dead. Yeah, well, we think THEY'RE dead. So let's re-work that Bay City Rollers chestnut to sing, "M-O-N! D-A-Y! Afternoon!"

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cratedigger’s Lung - catch it

Don’t miss the debut of “The Cratedigger’s Lung Adventure Hour,” tomorrow, Nov. 30 at 7pm, EST. 

A one-hour exploration of excavations from the farthest reaches of humanity’s hellish collective brain, through records, tapes, CDs, mostly scoured from country bumpkin thrift stores, creepy charity shops, backwoods junk stores, and even the internet. We don’t judge, we just play ‘em. Hosted by Rich in Washington.

Rich is a long-time DJ at Portland’s KBOO, host of “Radio Lost and Found,” and “Kill Ugly Radio,” and fill-in for WFMU’s Tony Coulter show. WILD sounds, kids, you’ll want to be huffin’ this stuff!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Don-O's Lounge Ad of the Week: NOW in the "PORPOISE ROOM"

For "all-porpoise" entertainment, look no further than the Hour of Crap, with your host Don-O, every Friday afternoon, only on Sheena's Jungle Room.