Monday, October 21, 2019

Muhammad Ali's Other Fights

Here's a silly thing I wrote that has nothing to do with anything, really. Just thought it was amusing. And hey, it's the WFMU Hellraiser going on now!  Couple more weeks to pledge your monies to keep us from suffering the sad fate of so many other college and public stations in America lately: most recently, WNYC cancelled most music programs in favor of news and talk, and WBAI shut down after 46 years. These follow on the heels of a number of universities realizing that they can monetize their stations the way they do their football teams, and cancel original programming in favor of the the usual NPR Garrison Car-Talk canned programs.

Where it says "Credit My Pledge To:," scroll down and pick any Sheena's Jungle Room show, if you would be so kind. Doing so lets the station know that we have supportive listeners. Thanks, you groovy peoples!

Anyway. On with the stoopid:

You've heard of the Thrilla in Manila
The Rumble in the Jungle one night
but do you recall
Muhammad Ali's Other Fights?

There was...

The Shake-a in Jamaica
The Fight Between 2 Guys in Van Nuys
El Shock-o! in Morocco
The Boxing Match-uwan in Saskatchewan

Rope-a-Dope in Constantinople
The Hysterectomy in Schenectady
The Fightin' in Brighton, The Brawl in Sioux Falls
Rope-a-Dope Alley in Antelope Valley

Gettin' Raucous in Secaucus, High Jabs in Skylab
The Hostilities in the Hebrides
The Meltdown at Chernobyl, The Reprove in the Louvre
Have a Ball in Cape Canaveral

The Defenestration at the United Nations
Vitriol at the North Pole
The Brouhaha in Kalamazoo, ha ha

The Battlin' at The Vatican

The Haters in an Elevator
The Fracas at the home of Jim Backus
I remember back when Muhammad Ali
was still known as Lew Alcinder!


and then there's:


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