Friday, November 30, 2018


Yet another new show hits the Jungle Room: this Monday 2pm EST marks the debut of 'Record Roulette Club,' hosted by a guy who is actually named DJ! Clearly, Daniel J. Henry was born to jockey them disks. And what might one expect in this hour of power? "Kind of like taking your parents record collection and getting drunk in a Radio Shack. Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Garage Punk, Regular Punk and Old-Fashioned Weirdos. Hopefully you have the patience for this fast-paced sonic impatience. Not recommended for the fan of 4 minute songs."

Conveniently working within this channel's sound-collage aesthetic, Henry throws in all manner of groovy sound bites in between songs. 

Today's nerdy, uptight, sexless society would have you believe that rock (among other things) is dead. Yeah, well, we think THEY'RE dead. So let's re-work that Bay City Rollers chestnut to sing, "M-O-N! D-A-Y! Afternoon!"

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