Saturday, March 2, 2019

WFMU's Marathon: 2 Weeks of Mirth, Merriment, Music, and (Hopefully) Money!!

Sheena doesn't usually charge a cover to enter her Jungle Room, but if you want the hedonistic orgies to continue, she's got to pass around the hat. Yes, WFMU's fundraising Marathon starts today, and the goal is (*gulp*) $1,500,000. An intimidatingly large amount, which is why we need all of you to help. Your money will go to the entire station - the main broadcast station, the on-line ones (like us), all the mp3s you can spend a lifetime downloading from "WFMU's Beware of the Blog," live shows at the station's studio theater Monty Hall, live events held elsewhere that WFMU stages and promotes, and who know what else. WFMU is truly a beacon of brilliant bizarre culture, and in these crappy times, we need it MORE THAN EVER!! No?

Don't worry, Sheena's programming will continue as usual. NO endless talk-fests, like other public radio fund raisers. It's still an endless party, but you've got 2 weeks ('til March 17) to be an extra-special totally-rad patron of the Jungle Room, and it's absurdly easy. Really, you have no excuse not to! First, check Sheena's schedule. Pick a show, say, "The Record Roulette Club" on Mondays, click on it and you'll see a banner up top; click where it says "Pledge Now!" and fill out the form. 

The DJ premiums are AMAZING. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Sheena premiums and you'll see what I mean. The DJs have compiled vinyl (or, in Spacebrother's case, shellac!) obscurities from their personal collection that you are simply not going to find anywhere else. In the case of the "High-Waisted modernists" premium, you even get an original "spooky" short story, with sound effects. Martinibomb's album is a collection of original sound-collage dance tracks, never before released! Also, pick out a snazzy t-shirt. And dig that coaster! Because what's a swanky (all-day) nightclub without cocktail-ware? 

That you can do anytime. But if you're present during a live DJ's show, prizes will be given away to $20 or more pledgers, and what prizes they are: we're talkin' stuff like Norton Records gift packs (Sun Ra perfume?!), and gobs of great vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and books. Once you pledge, you can kick back, sip something nice, and listen guilt-free. Aaaaahhhh.... Now doesn't that feel nice?

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